Tresidon Casting

Tresidon Casting is a movie and music video casting agency in central Massachusetts with access to over 500 actors and actresses of all ages.

No matter what your budget is, we have a talent for you.

At our fingertips:
  • Over 500 actors and actresses of all ages, proficient in over 50 languages.
  • Seven professional makeup artists with flexible schedules.
  • Eleven stuntmen and stuntwomen.

Our pricing depends on your project, budget and preferences. It also depends on our talents–our actors and actresses may charge differently.

  • Price to book an actor or actress for an entire video project will range from $60 to $95000 depending on the actor or actress, duration of your project, and your preferences. Background talent (extras) may be free.
  • Price to book a professional makeup artist will range from $100 to $4000.
  • Price to book a stunt artist will range from $90 to $7000.

Need more information or need to book a talent? Contact us today!

Are you an aspiring model, actress, stunt artist, or makeup artist who wants to join our casting agency? Contact us as well. You might need to have a connection with at least one of our members in order to be considered.

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