Outdoor photoshoot event, member models invited

Here’s a paid gig for you! Member models are invited to an upcoming paid photoshoot event this Friday. Be sure to RSVP at least six hours ahead.

When: Friday, Feb 26, 2021 from 10am to 4:30pm, each model has up to one hour photoshoot session. Payout amount depends on model’s tenure as a member.

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Model recruitment! Schedule now

Hey there, Tresidon Artistry is looking for video talents. If you’re interested in paid acting for small- to medium-scale projects, then you may schedule an audition right away! Audition date is Wednesday February 10, 2021 at noon; first arriving models will likely be chosen over late ones. Use the quick form below:

ATTENTION: This application has been closed because the event is over. New entries will not be reviewed.

“Sage chillaxing”

Tresidon opens first studio branch in Worcester

Tresidon, a previously exclusively online private media consultant initiative, has set foot in the real world. Tresidon Modeling and Artistry, its first real world branch, has today opened in Worcester, Massachusetts. This branch is mostly a photo / video studio that’s set to be used with Tresidon’s models, with the possibility of being opened to Continue reading “Tresidon opens first studio branch in Worcester”