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Models looking to strengthen their skills, build their portfolios and possibly get high-paying contracts are served by Tresidon for no fee.

Location requirements: our niche (what makes us different) is rural and suburban, so we prefer rural and suburban models.

Height and weight requirements: there’s a combined height and weight limit which is measured via BMI (body mass index). We welcome plus-size models and extra-thin models, but models who are clinically obese or anorexic-thin won’t be admitted. The BMI cutoff point is 29.9 BMI maximum and 18.5 BMI minimum.

Our acceptance rate is 0.05%, meaning that most applicants won’t be accepted. However, don’t let this discourage you; do not take it personal.

Those looking to rather get quick guaranteed payout for all gigs should check out our Artistry division below.


What is an artistry? Simply put: it is a creative skill or ability. Tresidon Artistry talents get paid for all gigs, guaranteed.

How Artistry Works:
  1. A company or individual requests for a particular artistry service, such as apparel modeling, music (track singing session, instrument playing session etc), stunts, acting, dancing etc.
  2. Tresidon charges the client and pays appropriate model for the gig.
  3. Tresidon submits the service product to the requesting company or individual, which may be anonymous.

Apply to be a Tresidon model today. Or apply to be a paid Artistry talent today.

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